The SEEKJOY® Community Marketplace

Our Mission

We're calling for radical social change and pledge to catalyze immediate efforts towards the long-term, sustainable cohabitation of all people, nations, and cultures.

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Navigating this online store

SEEKJOY® Brand Merch

SEEKJOY®, as a brand, is engaged in extremely small-scale manufacturing of things which are meant to promote our message. This section of our marketplace contains items which SEEKJOY has created which either have a something to do with the brand itself and/or a specific initiative we've launched and are promoting.

Most, if not all, of the items in this category are manufactured using 100% Solar Power from re-claimed and/or re-purposed materials. As an organization focused on dismantling "consumerism" this method of manufacturing and material sourcing is about the only way we feel appropriate.

Community Goods

We are continuously meeting new people on the road and when we come across someone making something cool that fits within our mission we propose to add the product to our online marketplace.

Part of our mission is to provide and supports ways for independent artists and activists to focus on their work "Full Time" instead of maintaining a separate secondary and/or primary income stream. By adding their work to the online marketplace, we hope to streamline the "business" side of their workflow and take a small commission to allow us to sustain this component of our social entrepreneurship venture.

The Community Fund

The "Community Fund" is a general fund created for those who wish to simply support our work in the field. Contributions will directly allow us to continue serving our community of independent artists, individuals, activists and non-profits through the various initiatives we've launched on our website.

Consider this like a "GoFundMe" style endeavor that allows us to avoid the outrages charges associated with many online fundraising efforts. Unlike with many online fundraising platforms, the only amount reduced from a contribution and/or sale in our marketplace is the standard credit-card processing fee.

The Wishlist

We have needs in order to work harder, better, faster and stronger. When we have a need for something we post a "Product" in this section of the online marketplace in the hopes that a wonderfully amazing human being (like yourself!) might consider helping us acquire the item and/or arrange to have it donated.

The "price" of a product in the Wishlist is the amount we think we'll need to acquire that item. We are very committed to the idea of "Buying Used" and will take the budget provided for an item through a Wishlist contribution and source the item in the local market via Craigslist and other used platforms. Please note! "purchasing" at item from the Wishlist will NOT mean you receive that item! It is a contribution to the cause!

Creative Services

We are constantly engaged and working with media assets as part of our day-to-day employing almost every tool in the Adobe Creative Cloud and Office 365 platform to accomplish our objectives and help others do the same.

Over the years we've recognized a VERY tiny niche of humans and small non-profit organizations which have a never-ending need for a variety of media services. What we've found is that many in this niche have a budget of next-to-nothing and attempting to service them as a traditional "Agency" never seemed to work. Through the various offerings in our "Creative Services" section of the online marketplace, we've streamlined how to work within this niche in a cost & time-effective manner for everything from website design & development to audio/video transcription to managed media hosting.

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