2kw Pure Sine Wave Inverter - Wishlist Contribution

$ 10.00

An "Inverter" adapts the 12v DC power from our solar array & battery bank to 110v Household AC current used by our production equipment (and electric tea kettle).

The "Pure Sine Wave" component is important - many lower-end power inverters will actually provide a "Modified Sine Wave" which does not serve well for highly sensitive electronic equipment.

We have burned through 2 1200w inverters this past year - one at SR and one this fall. We're currently limping by with our backup 1kw PSW inverter and would love to get back up and running with enough power for our system.

Any/All contributions towards this will be used to acquire a (hopefully used) 2000 Watt Pure Sine Wave Inverter in the ball park of $500 - $700. We've set the "inventory" for contributions to 50, which means that 50 $10 contributions can be made for a total of $500 towards this item.

Want to contribute more than $10? Just increase the "quantity" of contributions according.


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