Hound Repair

$ 25.00

If you've seen us around, you know "The Hound". The Hound is our 2000 Chevy Express 3500 Cargo van which was converted to a stealth "Camper Van". The 260w Solar Panel on the roof, rigged through a Midnite Solar "The Kid" charge controller into a 240ah battery bank keeps all of our electronic devices (camera batteries, laptops, etc) charged and in addition kept a 12v heated blanket going throughout the North Dakota winter nights where it served as our shelter completely void of using any fossil fuels and/or wood as a heat source. On a round-trip transport mission from SR to MN, her engine blew. We have been provided estimates of work in the 3-4k range, we've set the goal of this component of our fund at 5k.

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